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Kaity Williams is a South Carolina native who moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to pursue her passion in film. Developing an early interest in cinematography, Williams dived headlong into the profession. At the time, she saw her competition working with HDSLR cameras and decided to take a major gamble, leaping beyond her competition, and purchased an ARRI AMIRA camera.

Since her bold decision, she has been continuously booked shooting documentaries, commercials, short films, features and music videos including the recent “The Only One” for hip-hop sensation Lauren Sanderson. She has also photographed videos for the jazz quartet The Summit, Taj Jackson's 3T, and Savannah Outen. In her additional work, Williams has shot for Footlocker, Google, Lifetime, UberEats, comedian/producer George Lopez, actor/host Mario Lopez, T.I. and Meek Mill, Kevin Sorbo and horror-master John Carpenter.

Recently Williams made her feature film cinematographer debut on the independent romantic drama Before the Dawn. She also shot additional photography for the Biblical feature The Penitent Thief.

She is an active member of the American Society of Cinematographers Motion Imaging Technology Council Lens Committee and has been featured in American Cinematographer Magazine for collaborations with editor Jay Holben.